EWP elevating platform specialists, high pressure steam for  degreasing, paint removal, rubber marks,
black spore, all pollutants,

on time in budget.


We are, the industrial pressure cleaning specialists for:

• Development Sites • Buildings and Building Sites • Warehouse and Factory Buildings
• Warehouse and Factory Storage Areas
• Industrial Car and Parking Venues (interior and exterior) • Educational Facilities   
• Public Areas • Stadiums and Paving
•  Industrial Hangars • All Industrial Surface Maintenance Issues.

High and low pressure hot-water steam and high pressure water blasting solutions for: Concrete floors, external concrete areas, walls, buildings and beams, brickwork, bitumen, corrugated iron, painted surfaces, all paving, rubber, natural stone, and man-made and synthetic surfaces.

Steam technologies remove: Paint, graffiti, grease, oil, moss, mould, black spore, pollution, dust and dirt, salt and acid rain, rubber marks, all grime, general industrial and public wear.

Removal of line marking

High pressure hot-water steam cleaning and super high pressure water blasting remove: Existing parking lines (paint) and designated area markings (paint), cement and concrete staining, grease (degreasing) and oil stains, rubber and tire surface residue.

Technology and strategy

Advanced pressure cleaning technologies include:

High pressure plants (Aust. engineered) industrial steam machines, scrubbing machines, clean and capture, elevating work platforms. Our specialized on-site staff, all hold the following tickets NSW:


White Card, EWP Elevating Work Platform, First Aid:

The work zone area, is pressure cleaned, using environmentally friendly procedures and bio-degradable products, whilst neutralizing impact on the perma-culture in the surrounding areas.

(EPA Emissions Standards, Euro V Emissions Standards)


Occupational Health & Safety Legislation:

The zoned area, is contained with safety signage and traffic flow guards, minimising the disruption to employees, and the general public, whilst promoting a safe work environment.

Clean and capture solutions (EPA Clean Water Policy)



Applied Legislation

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